LAC-CAF Collaboration

LAC - CAF Collaboration

caf signing agreement v2

On 9th May 2011, the Latin American Centre signed a collaboration agreement with CAF Development Bank of Latin America. The agreement encourages both institutions to combine efforts to generate and diffuse knowledge of Latin America, as an essential tool for economic and social development of the region.

President García of CAF Development Bank commented, "CAF has the highest interest in promoting the generation of knowledge so as to foster an integrated development agenda. This in turn will offer solid support to governments on the design and implementation of public policies and the promotion of regional consensus... This strategic alliance with a partner as prestigious as the University of Oxford will strengthen our network of global alliances and widen the scope of our intellectual activity for the benefit of our 18 shareholder countries".

The Director of the LAC, TImothy Power commented, "The Latin American Centre has a longstanding interest in the economic and social development of the Andean region, we hope this collaboration contributes to promote new funding opportunities for exciting research and teaching on Latin America and a dynamic partnership from both institutions."

The agreement between CAF and the University of Oxford is designed to promote applied research, and will allow the diffusion of knowledge, as well as intellectual exchange among both continents.