Dr Francesca Lessa and project partners in Uruguay, Chile and Argentina secure impact grant from Oxford’s ESRC IAA

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ODID and LAC Departmental Lecturer Dr Francesca Lessa and her project partners in Uruguay (Sitios de Memoria, Pozo de Agua, and Observatorio Luz Ibarburu), Chile (Londres 38) and Argentina secured a grant from the University of Oxford’s ESRC Impact Acceleration Account (IAA) to carry out a project entitled “From Terror to Justice: Promoting Accountability for Transnational Repression in South America.”

The project aims to collate previously existing but scattered information about Plan Condor in a single and open-access website, compiling useful resources for researchers, academics, journalists, civil society activists, lawyers, and the general public. New publications and materials will also be made available on the website, including two specifically developed audio-visual productions designed by the award-winning Uruguayan artist Sebastián Santana with Pozo de Agua productions, to narrate respectively the stories of one emblematic Condor victim and one historic Condor trial. Finally, reports and infographics based on Dr Lessa’s research on the Condor trials and victims of transnational repression in South America (1969-1981) will be released as part of this new toolkit of resources.