Dr Andreza Aruska de Souza Santos writes to The Architectural Review about her project on Brazilian Company-towns

My essay for The Architectural Review “Redefining the Brazilian Company Town” is available in the February edition! I’m extremely happy to have contributed to AR and even more so in this issue in solidarity with UK workers. 

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My essay discusses how cities that have one main company and were used to see demographic patterns related to the company’s ups and downs may now have a different pattern as companies grow without necessarily creating employment and they can instead displace current residents.

The idea of development and infrastructure connected to mining in regions like Minas Gerais in Brazil needs rethinking when mining has been connected to disasters, disproportional compensations, and eviction of residents.

The essay is based on my research project One Company Towns in Brazil: https://companytowns.web.ox.ac.uk

The case study I mention in this essay can be read in detail in the article” Trading time and space: Grassroots negotiations in a Brazilian mining district”, published by Ethnography: https://www.academia.edu/39152668/Trading_time_and_space_Grassroots_negotiations_in_a_Brazilian_mining_district

You can read the full essay for Architectural Review here: https://www.architectural-review.com/essays/redefining-the-brazilian-company-town


I wish to thank the funders of this project, the John Fell Fud and the Social Sciences Returning Fund.