LAC Affiliate Programme

LAC Affiliate Programme

The LAC Affiliate programme joins together academics from across the University of Oxford doing fascinating work on the region in the social sciences and the humanities. This network aims to strengthen interactions between researchers and create exciting opportunities for further collaboration.

LAC Affiliate Programme Members

Director of Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative (OPHI)

Research Interests: Multidimensional poverty measurement and analysis, welfare economics, Amartya Sen’s capability approach, the measurement of freedoms, and human development. 

University Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Spanish American Literature

Research Interests: Literature and science; spectrality; landscape; intellectual history in Latin America and beyond; comparative projects that explore transnational literary and intellectual exchanges in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Professor of Spanish American Literature

Research Interests: Contemporary literature and film in Latin America, with a particular focus on Argentine poetry.

Research Fellow at OUCEA

Research Interests: Education inequality, international assessments, mixed models in cross-sectional and longitudinal settings, and causal inference with observational data. 

Associate Professor at the Institute of Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology

Current primary research is on collective movement and exercise, social bonding, cooperation and well being. Previous research in Brazil includes work on cultural transmission, religion and cooperation, cognitive biases in social perception, and the development of children's social preferences.

University lecturer in the anthropology of Lowland South America, Director of Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology

Research Interests: Material and visual aspects of Amerindian lived worlds, including body adornment, beadwork, garden design and village layout and the anthropology of everyday practices, such as child rearing and gardening.

Rhodes Professor of American History

Research Interests: Early and nineteenth-century North America, specialising in indigenous, colonial, imperial, environmental, and borderlands history.

Director of Studies at the Changing Character of War Programme, Senior Research Fellow at Pembroke College, and Senior Research Fellow at DPIR

Research interests: conflict, security and transnational organised crime, especially drug trafficking as well as terrorism, peace building and governance, Colombia.

Senior Lecturer in Modern European and Global Hispanic History at the University of Winchester, and Associate Lecturer in Modern Eurpean and Latin American History at the University of Oxford

Research interests: The political, cultural and social history of Europe, including Britain, and its interaction with the Global Hispanic world (Spain, the Americas, Philippines, North and West Africa) from a transnational perspective, particularly from the eighteenth to the twentieth centuries.

brian mcbeth

Dr Brian McBeth

D. Phil. in Politics, Social Sciences Department, Oxford University. He has published extensively  including ‘Juan Vicente Gómez and the Oil Companies in Venezuela, 1908-1935’ (Cambridge University Press, 1983); ‘British Oil Policy, 1919 1939’ (London, Frank Cass & Co., 1985); ‘Petroleum in Venezuela: A Bibliography (Boston, G.K. Hall & Co., 1985);‘Gunboats, Corruption and Claims: Foreign Intervention in Venezuela, 1899-1908’ Westport, Conn., Greenwood Press, 2001); and  ‘Dictatorship and Politics: Intrigue, Betrayal, and Survival in Venezuela, 1908–1935’ (Notre Dame University press, 2008); His latest book is ‘La Política Petrolera Venezolana: Una perspectiva histórica, 1922-2005’ (Caracas, Universidad Metropolitana, 2015.) His main research interest is in the history of the oil industry. He is currently working on a major study of Venezuela’s 1943 Oil law as well as examining in a separate study the economic impact the oil concessionaires had on Venezuela during the Gómez dictatorship. He is a former Director of Schroder Securities Ltd.

Faculty Lecturer in Spanish

Research Interests: Twentieth Spanish American literature, with a particular interest in the avant-garde poetry of the 1920s and 1930s, especially that of Neruda and Vallejo. 

Official Fellow and Tutor in Economics at Harris Manchester College

Research Interests: International capital flows (foreign direct investment and workers' remittances) and in the importance institutions in Latin America (particularly the cases of Mexico and Colombia); international migration with an emphasis in forced migration. 

Research Fellow

Research Interests : Comparative Politics; Democratic Representation; Latin American Politics; Causal Inference.

Associate Member of Nuffield College

Research Intrests: Comparative and international political economy with a regional focus in Latin America; the political economy of global production and innovation, development finance, state-business relations, and Brazilian politics. 

Research Fellow, Harris Manchester College

Research Interests: Thomas Aquinas, philosophy of religion (in particular issues regarding divine action), science and religion.

Associate Professor; Fellow and Tutor, St. John's College

Research Interests: Brazilian music, sound studies, music technology, hip hop, posthumous duets, jazz, music and diaspora, ethnography, critical theory, improvisation.

Director of the Pitt Rivers Museum
Museological Research Interests: Postcolonial Praxis, Sharing and Negotiating Curatorial Authority and Restitution and Repatriation.

Academic Research Topics: Maya oral history, Mixtec indigenous market systems and Nicaraguan cultural heritage and ethnohistory.

Associate Professor, Fellow and Tutor in Spanish

Research Interests: Twentieth-century and contemporary Spanish American fiction, with a particular interest in the historical novel, representations of the body, travel narratives, and literary accounts of illness and medicine.

Associate Professor and Senior Researcher

Research Interests: The economic impact of immigration on migrant receiving countries and the link between migration (including forced migration) and economic development in migrant sending countries.

King Alfonso XIII Professor of Spanish Studies, Fellow of Exeter College

Research Interests: The fields of Spanish American literature and cultural history; Jorge Luis Borges; and narrative fiction in the Spanish Golden Age, especially Cervantes.

Associate Professor of Brazilian Literature and Culture

Research interests: women´s writing, favela literature, Brazil

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