Working Papers - Resources, greenhouse gases, technology and jobs in India's informal economy the case of rice

Working Papers

Research outputs are of five kinds:

1.     The development of the methods

i) to measure and interpret green house gas emissions from rice production and distribution - life cycle assessment  (LCA),

ii) to integrate this with Value or Supply Chain Analysis (VCA) and

iii) to subject  the technology (or policy) implications of these measurements to a public consultation in terms of criteria which are incommensurable (environmental , social and economic) – MultiCriteria Mapping (MCM) 

- are found in papers 1, 3 to 8, 10 and 18.

2.     Background papers on rice in the three states taken for case study, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, comprise numbers  12, 13 and 17.

3.     Papers on informal labour comprise numbers 2, 11 and 16.

4.     Research on innovation in the informal economy is presented in paper 9.

5.     The science-policy interface and the informalisation of state policy comprise working papers 14 and 15.


  1. Rebecca White, Alfred Gathorne-Hardy, Barbara Harriss-White and R. Hema  'Resources, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Technology and Work in Production and Distribution Systems: Materiality in Rice in India' February 2012 
  2. Barbara Harriss-White with Valentina Prosperi 'The Micro-Political-Economy of Gains By Unorganised Workers in India’s Informal  Economy' January 2013
  3. Alfred Gathorne-Hardy ‘On Life Cycle Analysis: Baselines and Boundaries’
  4. Alfred Gathorne-Hardy ‘Multidisciplinary life cycle assessment - a methodological outline’
  5. Alfred Gathorne-Hardy ‘On GHG emissions from rice’
  6. Alfred Gathorne-Hardy ‘On bullocks versus tractors, manures versus urea –GHG insights
  7. Alfred Gathorne-Hardy and R Hema ‘An introduction to Life Cycle Assessment, Value Chain Analysis and linking the two’
  8. Barbara Harriss-White ‘Evaluating alternative technologies and policies – evaluating multi-criteria mapping’.
  9. Barbara Harriss-White with Gilbert Rodrigo ‘Innovation in India’s informal economy’
  10. R Hema ‘On the Value Chain approach to the Informal Economy (of Rice)’
  11. Mohan Mani, Gautam Mody and Meghna Sukumar ‘Employment and Working Conditions in the Retail Sector – Chennai’
  12. Deepak Mishra ‘On Rainfed Rice in Odisha’
  13. D N Reddy and Venkatanarayana ‘On Systems of Rice Intensification in Andhra Pradesh’
  14. Aseem Prakash 'On researching policy and the informal economy'
  15. Barbara Harriss-White 'Science-Policy Interfaces in an Era of Global Commodification'
  16. Mohan Mani, Gautam Mody and Meghna Sukumar 'Supply Chains for Rice in Chennai'
  17. Barbara Harriss-White ‘The Foodgrains Economy in Northern Tamil Nadu, 1973-2010: local capitalist transformations’
  18. Alfred Gathorne-Hardy, D. Narasimha Reddy, Motkuri Venkatanarayana and Barbara Harriss-White ‘A Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from SRI and Flooded Rice Production in SE India’

These have all been publicly presented and discussed, revised and peer reviewed.



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Drying paddy
Automatic rice mills
Labour in regulated market
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