Visitor Charges

Student Visitors will normally apply for research funding schemes through their home institution in order to fund the cost of their visit.

For applications received after 1 July 2016, the department student visitor charges are £2,000 per term (£6,000 per academic year).

In addition to the support of an Academic Advisor, student visitors will be provided with a University card, University email, access to library and printing services, and a workspace with IT facilities in the department.

Student Visitors are also able to attend seminars and events hosted by the department. It may be possible to audit course-specific classes with the approval of the relevant Course Director (we regret, however, that Student Visitors cannot attend course-specific language classes whilst in Oxford.)

College Association

Colleges provide a hub for social events, interdisciplinary interaction and can provide additional support during your visit. Several Oxford colleges have particular strengths in Area Studies. If you wish to apply for association with a college for the duration of your visit, you will need to contact the relevant college directly. Please find a list of colleges here. Please note that there is a separate fee for college association: you will find details on individual college websites.