Team Members - Resources, greenhouse gases, technology and jobs in India's informal economy the case of rice

Prof D.N. Reddy, Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Human Development, New Delhi (Partner Institution) and Sankaran Professor of Labour Studies, National Institute of Rural Development, Hyderabad - economist - senior adviser on dissemination, responsible for Andhra fieldwork and project representative at the Institute of Human Development, New Delhi




Prof Barbara Harriss-White CSASP, SIAS political economist - overall direction - advice on studies of distribution - multi-criteria analysis / mapping - innovation and technological changes and labour in the informal economy






Dr Alfy Gathorne-Hardy, CSASP. SIAS - life cycle analyst – responsible for the life cycle analysis of the four production-distribution system, the integrated model of LCA-VCA, and the analysis of labour and GHGs







Dr Hema Ramachandran Madras School of Economics - economist - responsible for value chain analysis in market and social prices and the field research in Tamil Nadu





Dr Deepak Mishra, Jawarhalal Nehru University field economist – responsible for field research on rainfed rice in Odisha (Orissa)






Dr Aseem Prakash Jindal Global University responsible for research on policy and the informal economy and for the communications strategy






Gautam Mody, New Trade Union Initiative - with Mohan Mani and Meghna Sukumar (Centre for Workers’ Management) responsible for field research and analysis of labour in the production-distribution system







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