Sub-Themes - Resources, greenhouse gases, technology and jobs in India's informal economy the case of rice

The project seeks to integrate a number of fields of knowledge currently developing independently: They are as follows (with the main person/people responsible in brackets):

Life cycle analysis (Gathorne-Hardy)

Value/supply chain analysis (Hema)

Rice production (SRI- Reddy ; Rainfed Rice – Mishra ; High Yielding Varieties and Organic rice – Hema and Gathorne-Hardy)

Rice distribution (Hema; Mani and Sukumar with guidance from Harriss-White)

Policy Studies (Prakash)

Multi-criteria Mapping - for technology / policy alternatives (Harriss-White)

Labour Studies (Mody, Mani and Sukumar)

Innovation and Technology Studies (Gathorne-Hardy and Harriss-White)

Low Carbon transitions and climate change (ditto)

Informal Economy (Harriss-White)