SIAS Thematic Research Clusters

The thematic research clusters aim to improve the SIAS research environment and increase the impact of research beyond academia.  In particular, their goals are:

  • to collaborate at the leading edge of social sciences on areas and regions:
  • to make research accessible to a wide audience, and  involving policy makers, professionals, businesses and general public (civil society) in their work;
  • to foster interdisciplinary, international and inter-sectoral collaborations to increase the impact of SIAS research.

Economic Growth, Industry and Development

Members: Hugh Whittaker, Diego Sanchez-Ancochea, Matthew McCartney, Kyle Jaros, Christopher Gerry, Paul Irwin Crookes, Mateja Kovacic, Corbett Jenny

Nationalism, Military, Security and Foreign Policy

Members: Paul Irwin Crookes, Miles Larmer, Philip Robins, Roy Allison, Kate Sullivan de Estrada, Ceren Lord, Yaakov Yadgar, Miles Tendi, Sho Konishi

Police, Drugs and Criminality

Members: Philip Robins, Barbara Harriss-White, Jonny Steinberg, Zoe Cormack

Poverty, Inequality and Informality

Members: Barbara Harriss-White,  David Doyle, Diego Sanchez-Ancochea, Nicolette Makovicky, Tara van Djik, Christopher Gerry, Hamsa Rajan

Family, Education and Social Policy

Members: Diego Sanchez-Ancochea, Roger Goodman,  Ekaterina Hertog, Rachel Murphy, Miriam Driessen, Anna Lora-Wainwright, Takehiko Kariya, Dan Healey, Hamsa Rajan, Eileen Walsh


Members: Anna Lora-Wainwright; Sho Konishi; Jonny Steinberg; Dan Healey, Jennifer Holdway, Janey Messina, Christopher Gerry

 Comparative Presidentialsm/Politics Members: Paul Chaisty, Timothy Power, Eduardo Posada-Carbò, Wale Adebanwi, Jennifer Holdway, Ceren Lord, Miles Tendi, Duran Djon
 Gender, Sexuality and Empowerment Members: Christopher Gerry, Yaakov Yadgar, Rachel Murphy, Hamsa Rajan



















The thematic research clusters are organising a round of thematic workshops aimed to identify novel, interdisciplinary, international, and inter-sectoral collaborations.

If you are interested to get involved in our next round on Thematic workshops that will take place, please send to the Research Officer your references and the Cluster of your interest.