SIAS Student Party 2015 - Victorious LAC

The first cross-unit SIAS student party took place in May 2014, in a very small seminar room, thanks to the unpredictable (or should that be predictable?) English weather. There was a great turnout and we have been able to build on this experience to ensure that each year students from all units have the opportunity to attend. Since the first party, we have decided not to fight the weather and have found a great indoor venue in the shape of the Student Common Room at the Dickson Poon China Centre, where our MSc in Contemporary Chinese Studies is housed. This is a great, modern venue, giving us both the space and the cover that we need, also very useful with the move to early Michaelmas Term.  

This year, the party conveniently fell on Bonfire Night, lending us the theme of "National Celebrations". Students came in national dress and brought tantalising treats from their countries of study and created the greatest competition yet for the award of "Best Table".

It was a close-run thing, but the Latin American Centre were victorious, after making a huge effort hand-making many of the decorations for their table, with African Studies in second place. Some photos from the event can be seen in the image gallery below.

Thank you to all the staff and students who came along and made it a really fun evening!



Image Gallery

A beautifully presented table from Russian and East European Studies
Some tasty food on the REES table
Lots of colour and light at the Contemporary India Diwali Table
Some beautiful Indian national dress
What could be better than some piping hot Chinese dumplings?
Hmm, those dumplings didn't last very long!
Some traditional artwork accompanied the snacks for African Studies
....and a stunning hand made tablecloth
The Latin American Centre brought delicious home made foods and decorations
The Latin American Centre brought delicious home made foods and decorations
Matthew McCartney and Dan Healey (CSASP and REES) awarding the Best table prize to LAC students