Russian Economy and Economic Sanctions – The Hague

On 22 November Prof. Chris Davis, Reader in Command and Transition Economies, made a presentation on “The Russian Economy and Economic Sanctions Related to the Ukraine Conflict: Recent Developments and Prospects” to the members of the Economics and Security Committee of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly. The contents of the talk included: concepts related to the Russian economy and economic sanctions; a review of Western economic warfare and sanctions directed against the USSR during 1917-1991 and Soviet countermeasures; the nature of current economic sanctions and their impacts on the Russian economy in 2014; and prospects for the Russian economy. Most of the audience was made up of elected members of the parliaments from the many NATO countries across a range of party affiliations (from left to right). A question and answer session followed the formal talk. The slides from the presentation have been uploaded to the REES WebLearn site and are available to students and academic staff from REES.