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MOxLAD Database

Economic & Social History Programme, Universidad de la República, Montevideo

MOxLAD - Statistical series for more than forty economic and social indicators over the whole twentieth century, covering twenty countries in the region. It is designed as a resource for economic and social historians worldwide. It is the only source that brings together publicly available data for 1900-2000 from a wide range of official publications and presents them on a consistent basis. Coverage is now being expanded, both backwards to 1870 and forwards to 2010"

LAC - CAF Collaboration

LAC, CAF, Collaboration Agreement

On 9th May 2011, the Latin American Centre signed a collaboration agreement with CAF Development Bank of Latin America. The agreement encourages both institutions to combine efforts to generate and diffuse knowledge of Latin America, as an essential tool for economic and social development of the region.

The Impact of Transitional Justice on Human Rights and Democracy

Professors Leigh Payne (University of Oxford) and Kathryn Sikkink (University of Minnesota) have been awarded a grant by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (UK) (Grant No. AH/I500030/1) and the National Science Foundation (USA) (Grant No. 0961226) in 2010 to carry out research on the impact of transitional justice. This collaborative project explores when, why, and how trials, truth commissions and amnesties advance human rights and democracy.


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