Contemporary China Studies

Electric shadows reloaded: the post-digital animateur, shadow play and handmade cinema

Monday, 6 November, 2017 -
17:00 to 18:00
China Centre Lecture Theatre

In the work of an increasingly visible number of solo producers (i.e., the postdigital animateurs), the moving image is more intimately connected to the human creator/manipulator/performer, rather than the technological medium (be it the kinoeye, the film strip, or the digital software).

Professor Paola Voci

Miriam Driessen publishes in 中国非洲研究评论 (Annual Review of African Studies in China)

Dr Miriam Driessen's latest article '在非洲做工程项目的中国人的“吃苦”与“诉苦”(Eating and speaking bitterness on Chinese construction projects in Africa)' was published in 中国非洲研究评论 (Annual Review of African Studies in China), edited by Li Anshan and Liu Haif


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