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Oxford 1+1 MBA

The 1+1 programme is a unique, two-year postgraduate experience which offers you the opportunity to combine the depth of our specialised, one-year MSc with the breadth of Saïd Business School’s top-ranking, one-year MBA.  As a result, you will embark from Oxford with the skills to translate specific domain knowledge into practical and innovative solutions to the many challenges facing our 21st Century world.

Empires Loyalists: Histories of Rebellion and Collaboration in the British Empire

Arts and Humanities Research Council

The AHRC has made a major research award to Professor David Anderson and his Warwick University colleague, Dr Daniel Branch, for a wide-ranging project on the history of British imperialism.  Dr Branch is a former Research Associate of Oxford's African Studies Centre, and was previously a doctoral student at St Peter's College, Oxford.

Dance in Senegal (2007-2008)

Dance rehearsal and training, Dakar 2002, 2003.

Dr Neveu Kringelbach’s doctoral research focused on dance, social mobility and ethnicity in Dakar, Senegal. She is now working on a monograph building up from her thesis, soon to be published by Berghahn Books. The research looks at neo-traditional and contemporary dance troupes in Dakar. It traces the historical transformations of both genres and explores the social, political and economic reasons for the popularity of dance and musical performance in the city.


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