REES seminar: Parents and professionals: towards a history of their interrelations in matters of childcare, education and child study in late tsarist Russia


Thu, 13/06/2013 - 17:00
47 Wellington Square


Andrei Zorin and Catriona Kelly


Dr Andy Byford (University of Durham)

The paper will examine relations between parents from the educated stratum and various professionals – especially doctors, teachers and psychologists – in the context of the modernisation of Russian child care and education in the last decades of the pre-revolutionary era and the rise of the child science movement. The focus of analysis is on parent associations (kruzhki, sobraniia, komitety) – both those devoted to early family upbringing and those that mobilised parents around problems of school education. The paper will include a discussion of particular practices and discourses (especially parent diaries of child development) through which parents from the educated, professional, intelligentsia classes were included in the construction and self-legitimation of at that time new forms of expertise in children’s physical and psychological development, upbringing and education.