Ram Mashru - Human InSecurity: Fear, Deprivation and Abuse in India

Congratulations to Ram Mashru on the publication of his book entitled Human InSecurity: Fear, Deprivation and Abuse in India. Ram studied for the MSc in Contemporary India, graduating in 2013.

The book has been published by The Diplomat and is available to download from Amazon.


"Reports on India’s chronic social and political evils have become impossible to avoid. Commentators have treated them as distinct problems, but this habit of compartmentalising issues has obscured the many complex and interconnected factors that drive the stories of fear, deprivation and abuse in India. Ram Mashru drills beneath the news reports to identify these factors. The book takes a novel approach by relying on theory, and Human Security is adopted as a lens to examine India’s persistent social and political challenges. Ram explores three case studies – inter-ethnic violence, displacement and torture – to produce compelling answers to the questions, "What are the causes of insecurity in India and what should be done about them?"