Professor Glaucius Oliva, President of CNPq visits Oxford

Glaucius Oliva meets members of the Brazilian Studies Programme Oxford

On 12th March, Professor Glaucius Oliva, president of the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq) visited the Brazilian Studies Programme. CNPq is a foundation linked to the Ministry of Science and Technology (MCT) to support Brazilian research and innovation, and is currently engaged in the implementation of the Science Without Borders programme that will award scholarships to 75,000 Brazilians to study for research degrees abroad. Professor Oliva met with Vice Chancellor Andrew Hamilton to secure the participation of the University in this ambitious new programme.

The Brazilian Studies Programme currently hosts two CNPq grantees: Dr Renato Perissonotto, professor of social sciences at the Federal University of Paraná, and Ms Andréa Freitas, doctoral candidate in political science at the University of São Paulo.