Policy Engagement and Likely Impact - Resources, greenhouse gases, technology and jobs in India's informal economy the case of rice

The project identified and engaged with key stakeholders in technology-industry, policy-politics and research-education.

It communicates its results in India, the UK and globally, through four methods.

First, through a network of experts from the three stakeholder fields and the 9 knowledge fields that are developing independently but which are integrated in this research.

Second, through meetings, presentations, dissemination, training and ‘learning workshop’ events.

Third, through this website that contains the model methodology –and other results – in the form of working papers.

Fourth, through academic publications.

We count the research successful if it provokes further developments and applications to other sectors and countries.

All the impact activities from October 2011- June 2015 are described in the Project's Impact Diary below with an update of activities since June 2015 in the Impact Update 2016 and the Impact Update 2017.

For further discussions of the method contact Alfy Gathorne-Hardy on alfred.gathorne-hardy@area.ox.ac.uk or alfy_gh@yahoo.com


IMPACT UPDATE July 2015 to March 2016

IMPACT UPDATE March 2016 to March 2017