Paul Morand, the Chinese "New-Sensationists" and pictorial magazines


Thu, 17/10/2013 -
17:00 to 18:30
Room 207, Institute for Chinese Studies, Walton Street


Professor Barend ter Haar and Dr Anthony Garnaut


Dr Paul Bevan (University of Oxford)

The impact of the short-stories of the French writer Paul Morand (1888-1976) on the writing of the Chinese New-sensationists has been touched on by several writers including Leo Ou-fan Lee, Shu-mei Shih and Peng Hsiao-yen. Useful as these studies have been for basic information concerning Morand’s popularity amongst the New-sensationists school of writers, there is still much left unsaid about the extent of his reputation in China. The paper will show that Morand’s writings in the American magazine Vanity Fair were particularly influential on certain groups of intellectuals in China and how, as examples of writings by a “major” modernist writer, the appearance of these writings in this magazine may have gone some way to legitimising the pictorial magazine as a vehicle for the work of Chinese writers, artists and publishers. The paper also examines the reception of Morand’s work in East Asia with regard to the translations of his writings into the Chinese language to show that, of the writers in Shanghai, it was not just those commonly associated with the New-sensationists who were inspired by Morand’s work and that translations of his work appeared alongside the writings of the New-sensationists and other Francophile literary groups within the medium of Chinese pictorial and literary magazines.

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