Research Project: Human Communication Beyond Words: Russian Media, Dr Anna Pleshakova

Multimodal analysis is the analysis of verbal, sound, and visual aspects of human communication. It combines the forces of cognitive linguistics, discourse, communication and computational analyses. It is a ground-breaking new area of research. It is also extremely challenging due to the complex nature of human communication and the interdisciplinary, collaborative, creative and labor-intensive approach required.

Latin American Centre Seminars: The International Politics of Renewable Energy: Paraguay and the Itaipu Treaty

Friday, 2 March, 2018 -
17:00 to 18:30
LAC Seminar Room, 1 Church Walk, Oxford

Maria A. Gwynn is a Global Leaders Fellow at the Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford and a Research Fellow at University College, Oxford. She was formerly a postdoctoral research fellow at the Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton University.

Maria A. Gwynn, Blavatnik School of Government and University College

The 'Rethinking Nationalism, Sectarianism and Ethno-religious Mobilisation in the Middle East' conference was held over 26-28 January 2018

The 'Rethinking Nationalism, Sectarianism and Ethno-religious Mobilisation in the Middle East' conference convened by Dr Alex Henley, Dr Ceren Lord, Dr Hiroko Miyokawa was held over 26-28 January 2018 at St Antony's College and Pembroke College.

African Studies Seminar: 'The politics of things’: digital media, urban space and the materiality of civic engagement - CANCELLED due to the severe weather conditions

Thursday, 1 March, 2018 -
17:00 to 18:30
Pavilion Room, St Antony's College

‘The politics of things’ refers to the way in which objects and physical spaces remain crucial to political communication in a digital age as well as to the manner in which objects such as clothing and the built environment become politicized in particular contexts.

Wendy Willems (London School of Economics)


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