Nic Cheeseman’s research makes front page news in Kenya

Frontpage of the Daily Nation

An article by Dr Nic Cheeseman has made the front page of Kenya’s Daily Nation, the largest newspaper in East and Central Africa with a circulation of over 200,000. The piece,  “From Cold War to M-Pesa – events that shaped Kenyan history”, discusses 50 events that have shaped Kenyan history. It was selected to lead the Nation’s celebration of 50 years of Kenyan independence in an edition published on Makadara Day (June 2).

Writing with long time co-author Daniel Branch, Nic identified five key themes that the newspaper used to structure its coverage. He argues that in many ways the colonial legacy left Kenya a fragile nation. ‘Yet reviewing the 50 events that define Kenya’s history over the past half-century reveals that Kenyans have not simply accepted their fate. Instead, these milestones demonstrate that for all of the country’s fragility and occasional violence, the last 50 years has been marked by resilience, ingenuity, and triumph’. 

Nic also writes a regular column for the Nation. View his first column, “New laws helped numb the pain of poll defeat" and archive.

Nic Cheeseman is a University Lecturer in African Politics, the editor of African Affairs, and the founder of