New podcasts available

We are pleased to announce that seven new recordings have been added to the Nissan Institute of Japanese Studies podcast series and can be found on the university podcast service.

Slow Cities? : The Revitalisation of Shrinking Communities in Japan on Thursday, 10th March 2016

Professor Gert-Jan Hospers, Radboud University, University of Twente - From Growth to Shrinkage: Managing Population Decline in Western-Europe

Mr Pier Giorgio Oliveti, General Secretariat, Cittaslow International - Cittaslow Experiences against the Social Desertification and to Promote Local Micro-economies on Resilient Way

Ms Heuishilja Chang, PhD student, University of Oxford - The Slow City Approach and the Resilience of Japanese Shrinking Communities

Professor Hirokazu Sakuno, Shimane University -The Degradation and Regeneration of Rural Areas in Japan

Dr Peter Matanle, University of Sheffield - Achieving an Asia-Pacific Depopulation Dividend: Evidence and Experience from Shrinking Regions in Japan and New Zealand

Dr Taro Hirai, Hirosaki University - Towards Synthesis of the Youth’s Counter-urbanisation Movement and the Governmental-led Measures for Shrinking Communities in Japan

28th January 2016: Dr Aya Homei, University of Manchester, A History of the IUD in Japan: Birth control policy and Cold War diplomacy

4th February 2016: Professor Jun Saito, Keio University, Abenomics: Past, Present, and Future

11th February 2016: Dr Arjan Keizer, Manchester Business School, Redefining the community firm? The unionization of part-time workers in the retail industry

18th February 2016: Dr Junko Yamashita, University of Bristol, The Double Responsibility of Care: Balancing childcare, elderly care and work

25th February 2016: Professor Masaaki Hirano, Waseda University Business School (WBS), Can IT augment organisational capabilities? – Evidence from Japanese data

3rd March 2016: Dr Jason Danely, Senior Lecturer in Anthropology of Japan, Oxford Brookes University, The Social Life of the Solitary Death: Aging, housing, and the limits of dwelling

11th March 2016: Professor Amy Borovoy, Princeton University, Ruth Benedict’s Cultural Relativism: Imagining Democracy in Japan During World War II

Other podcasts available are:

The Memorial Event to Commemorate the Work and Influence of Dr Mark Rebick, Nissan Lecturer in the Japanese Economy and Fellow of St. Antony’s College, 1994-2012 held on Tuesday, 16th June 2015:

Professor Richard Freeman (Harvard University): Lessons from Studying the Japanese Economy

Professor Yuji Genda (University of Tokyo): An International Comparison in Hope and Happiness between Japan, United Kingdom, and the US

Professor Jenny Corbett (Australian National University): Introduction to the Memorial Event to Commemorate the Work and Influence of Dr Mark Rebick

Nissan Institute Seminar Series Podcasts

6th March 2015: Professor Aaron S. Moore, Arizona State University talked about Engineering the Empire: “Comprehensive Development” in Japan’s Colonial Borderlands

26th February 2015: Professor Wilhelm Vosse, International Christian University gave a presentation on Japan’s New Security Cooperation in Counter-Piracy Missions

19th February 2015: Dr Jonathan Service, Wadham College spoke about The Greece of the East: Writing the History of Music in Meiji Japan

A full list of podcasts can be seen in the list below.


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