New ESRC Impact Acceleration Account Grant awarded to Professor Payne and Gabriel Pereira

The collaborative project between the University of Oxford and two human rights organizations, Andhes and Cels aims, first, to advance corporate accountability for human rights violations committed during authoritarian regimes, thereby raising the cost of such violations to reduce them in the future in Argentina and elsewhere. This goal involves user-led research to collect data and analyze evidence needed for effective litigation and public policy models. Second, the project aims to raise awareness of corporate complicity in repressive regimes. It thus includes user-led public engagement activities to disseminate the main findings of the project. The third aim is to produce valuable research and analytical tools to be adapted to other countries in which business are complicit in human rights violations. It relies on the co-development of research tools, specifically capacity-building through training and enhancing human resources to carry out needed research and analysis to advance accountability efforts. Fourth, an overall aim of the project is to legitimize and protect the work of human rights practitioners in this controversial area of abuse. It will achieve this goal by connecting the serious and objective work of human rights practitioners to the world renowned University of Oxford, providing global and local resonance to that project.