MSc African Studies Option Courses for 17/18

Optional Courses are normally taught in eight two-hour seminars over Hilary Term, sometimes with classes running into Trinity Term. In general, the groups tend to be small, with five or six students per course. The most popular courses may admit more, but efforts are made to retain an intimate and intensive character to the teaching. Though the precise nature of the teaching will vary from course to course, students can expect to play a very active role in classes, presenting papers on set topics and being encouraged to demonstrate their knowledge of the literatures and to debate and discuss key issues. Tutors will set written work according to the nature of the discipline and the demands of the topic. This work may be assessed, but the assessments do not count toward the final marks for the course. All Optional Papers are formally assessed by a 4,500 word extended essay.

The following Optional Papers have previously been available.

The Politics of Life in Africa
Prof Wale Adebanwi, St Antony's College

Anthropology of Africa
Dr David Pratten, St Antony's

Education in Africa
Dr David Johnson, St Antony's

African Literature
Dr Tiziana Morosetti

Decolonisation in Africa: A Cultural History, c. 1920-1980
Dr Tim Livsey


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