Middle East Studies Programme Co-Research Accord with Japanese Universities

In a highly innovative and exciting agreement, SIAS has struck a co-research accord with two leading Japanese institutions, aimed at improving  the quality of research in select  Middle East countries.  Beginning in early 2015, four Japanese and UK-based scholars will work together in teams on partnership research that will generate new knowledge under the guidance of an academic mentor.   It is envisaged that the early research will focus on domestic political dynamics in Egypt, Iran and Turkey. Deputy Head of School, Dr Philip Robins, said that the strength of the venture was that it would boost collaborative research in the social sciences, to the benefit of all parties.The projects will be funded by Sasakawa Peace Foundation, arguably the leading independent Japanese research funding agency. The award is envisaged to be in excess of £160K in its first phase. The Japanese scholars from Waseda University, Oxford’s natural counter-part in Tokyo, are expected to arrive in Oxford in January to work with the Oxford based team.

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