The LAC at the 25th anniversary of the Colombian Constitution in the Javeriana University

25th anniversary of the Colombian constitution

Professor Eduardo Posada-Carbó gave the inaugural speech at the international Conference to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Colombian 1991 Constitution, organized by the Law Faculty at Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá on 2-5 February.  Following the opening remarks by the Rector of the University, Father Jorge Humbero Pelaez (in photo), Professor Posada-Carbó talked about the ‘Origins and Trajectories of Colombian Constitutionalism’, where he argued that the Colombian 1991 Constitution was best understood within a long constitutional tradition dating back to the early years of independence.  The conference, convened by Dr. Hernando Yepes Ardila (a former member of the 1991 Constituent Assembly) also counted on the contribution of leading constitutionalists from Germany, Italy, Spain, Argentina, Venezuela and Uruguay, as well as contributions from other former members of the 1991 Colombian Constituent Assembly and from leading constitutional lawyers from the Javeriana University.