Jenny Chan speaks at British Academy-funded symposium on forced labor and is cited by DanWatch

The shadow economy is believed to be growing globally. On 8-9 October, 2015, Dr Jenny Chan participated in a methods symposium on forced labor entitled “Challenges in Researching the Shadow Economy,” Sheffield Town Hall, Sheffield. Her ethnographic research focuses on the new form of constrained labor of student interns in China. Far from being freely chosen, student internships are organized by the local state working with enterprises and schools, frequently in violation of the rights of student interns and in violation of Chinese law.


Jenny Chan’s research on Chinese student “internships” is cited by DanWatch 

Copenhagen-based DanWatch released its investigative report entitled “Servants of Servers” in October 2015: 

…Statements about teachers receiving double salary for escorting interns to electronics factories are backed by the research of Jenny Chan, lecturer in China Studies and Sociology at the University of Oxford, professor Ngai Pun from Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and professor Mark Selden from New York University, who together have been studying the use of interns at electronic factories in China over the past five years.

“Some teachers are aware about harsh conditions at the factories, however they explain they are not in a position to change the situation because it would break their own employment and extra income”, Jenny Chan explains.


Journal article:

Chan, Jenny, Ngai Pun and Mark Selden. 2015. “Interns or Workers? China’s Student Labor Regime.” Asian Studies (Official Journal of the Asian Studies Association of Hong Kong) 1(1): 69-98.


News stories:

Kasztelan, Marta. 6 October 2015. The Guardian.  HP and Dell Suspend Use of Interns in Chinese Factories.”

Chen, Michelle. 12 October 2015. The Nation. This article can be found here.


Future readings:

tripleC, Vol. 13, No. 2, 329-602. “Interrogating Internships: Unpaid Work, Creative Industries, and Higher Education.” Edited by Greig de Peuter, Nicole S. Cohen, and Enda Brophy. This article can be found here.

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