Interview on BBC World Service.

Dr. Olga Onuch (Research Fellow, Nuffield College University of Oxford) gave interviews to the BBC World Service on Monday 2nd December.

Dr Onuch has been conducting research on protests and election in Argentina and Ukraine over the last several years. When the recent mass-protest erupted in Ukraine she quickly set up a survey of protest participants. Dr. Onuch has a team of 20 Canvassers taking turns interviewing and surveying protest participants. 

They have already completed 668 surveys (which are on-going) and they have 5 focus groups set up with approximately 8-10 participants in each. Dr. Onuch's goal is to expand the survey to other regional cities.

The main preliminary finding is that "social networks and NOT social media" seem to be central in mobilizing and connecting protest participants, and most certainly facilitating 'Ordinary Citizens'  to join-in the protests.  This is significant because the media and analysts are focusing on the "power of Facebook and Hashtags".

One interview was pre-recorded and will appear on-line soon, the second was during a debate on BBC World Service "World Have Your Say"

This research is linked to and will be referenced in a book that is forthcoming with Palgrave.

Revolutionary Moments and Movements: Understanding Mass Mobilization in Argentina (2001) and Ukraine (2004). Palgrave MacMillan.