The IIR and CSASP exchange 2015

CSASP students are currently gearing up for a visit to to the Institute of International Relations, University of Warsaw, from May 12th to 15th. This is the return portion of an exchange plan between the two departments which saw IIR students and staff visit Area Studies in March this year.

Whist visiting Oxford, the group attended the event 'Rising India: Status and Power' which was jointly organised by CSASP and the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies, NTU, Singapore. In addition, they participated in a joint seminar on India's foreign and economic policy and students from both departments took the opportunity to present their current research. Of course, it was also necessary to include some visits to local attractions, such as the local pub!

CSASP students and staff really enjoyed the visit and some interesting conversations were started, which we hope will continue in May.

Some photos from the Oxford visit can be found in the gallery below and we look forward to hearing more from our CSASP students on their return from Warsaw.

Image Gallery