Hugo Rojas Corral, a LAC DPhil affiliate, appears in The New Yorker

LAC, Hugo Rojas Corral, Chile After the Coup

Hugo Rojas Corral (Doctoral Candidate in Sociology at Oxford, under the supervision of Professor Leigh A. Payne) appeared in The New Yorker online edition due to his participation in the research project “Enduring Rifts: Chile 40 Years After the Coup”, a documentary project sponsored by the Pulitzer Center and conducted by Jon Lowenstein (documentary photographer and 2014 TED Senior Fellow) and Jeff Kelly Lowenstein (journalist and Fulbright scholar). The project in which Hugo Rojas is participating will provide a series of portraits, photo essays and dispatches that will shed new light on this important, but under-explored issue. Specific stories will focus on the presidential campaign, the issue of memory in Chile and the local people and organizations working to advance knowledge around these themes. The coverage also aims to reach out to readers in other places recovering from similar social and political upheaval.  Hugo's DPhil research concerns indifference to the violent past in Chile.