The Ethics of Taking Sides - Dr George Kunnath in Conversation

What kinds of ethical dilemmas are faced by researchers engaging in fieldwork contexts marked by conflict?  CSASP anthropologist Dr George Kunnath reflects on this and other ethical questions in the latest issue of Current Anthropology. His ground-breaking article, ‘Anthropology’s Ethical Dilemmas’ reflects on the choice anthropologists face over whether or not to ‘take sides’ when working with vulnerable communities amidst armed conflict. Dr Kunnath’s candid and often moving reflections draw from his long-term ethnographic research in India, set against the backdrop of the ongoing Maoist insurgency and counterinsurgency. His article elicits responses from top scholars in field, within the journal’s Forum on Public Anthropology. The result is a comprehensive and novel conversation that contributes significantly to scholarship on the ethics of anthropological engagement.