Dr. Jenny Chan was interviewed by Peter Bengtsen for Le Monde diplomatique (LMD), in “The Chinese Dream is a daydream” 26 March 2015

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…The president of China, Xi Jinping, also dreams. Shortly after he took office in 2012, he introduced the so-called “Chinese dream” referring to its American counterpart and the goal of success through hard work. The dream has been widely communicated to the 1.3 billion citizens through his speeches, the media, textbooks in school, etc.

The Chinese dream indicates a shift in the rhetoric of the Communist Party. Previously each loyal citizen was to sacrifice himself or herself on behalf of society. Now, individuality is allowed a slightly stronger emphasis than before.

According to Jenny Chan, lecturer in Sociology and Contemporary China Studies at Oxford University, the main subject of the Chinese dream is still the nation. The overarching goal is still economic and political-cultural growth. But the Communist Party needs a narrative to unite the nation now that the belief in Marxism is weaker in the younger generation compared to their parents. “For Chinese workers to share this dream, not only rhetoric but most of all reliable and fair institutions are needed,” she says….


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