Dr Jenny Chan Contributes to Global Labour Journal



Rina Agarwala, Johns Hopkins University, USA

Jenny Chan, University of Oxford, United Kingdom

Alexander Gallas, University of Kassel, Germany

Ben Scully, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa


The Global Labour Journal (GLJ) was launched five years ago as an outlet for multidisciplinary research on labour and labour movements around the world. Specifically, it aimed to understand the contemporary challenges global labour faces and the potential transition of the various labour movements around the world to a new form of global unionism. In the years since its founding, GLJ has published a diverse range of cutting-edge research on burgeoning forms of ‘new’ labour activism (from alternative unions to new social movements) in the global North and South, on the prospects of revitalising ‘traditional’ trade unionism, on the effects of outsourcing and subcontracting on labour, and on the divisions between informal and formal sector workers, employing varying units of analysis (from single case studies, to cross-national comparative studies, to global studies). GLJ has also hosted lively and much-quoted scholarly debates and showcased new books. In short, the journal has played an instrumental role in defining, expanding and enriching a new field of Global Labour Studies in the era of neoliberalism.


URL of the Global Labour Journal (Jan 2015): https://escarpmentpress.org/globallabour/issue/view/245