Dr Ekaterina Hertog

Teaching and Research Associate

I am a Research Associate in Japanese Studies and a Research Associate at the Centre for Time Use Research. My research interests lie in the field of family sociology. I am currently working on two projects: The first one analyses the gender balance in the domestic division of labour in several East Asian societies. A pilot study for this project, “Domestic division of labour and fertility preference in China, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan”, has been published in Demographic Research in 2017. The second project looks at class differences in parenting strategies in Japan.

My earlier research includes a study of never-married single mothers in Japan that provides an in-depth analysis of Japanese women's decision-making on childbearing issues and the related value systems. It was published as a book by Stanford University Press in with the title ‘Tough Choices: Bearing an Illegitimate Child in Contemporary Japan’. I has also carried out quantitative analyses of Japanese marriage market trends, explaining reasons for individual success and failure on the Japanese marriage market. Relevant publications are currently under review.

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