Dr Diego Sánchez-Ancochea

Director of the Latin American Centre; Associate Professor in the Political Economy of Latin America

I arrived at the University of Oxford in 2008 after five years at the Institute for the Study of the Americas (University of London). I hold a joint appointment at SIAS and the Department of International Development and I am also a Fellow at St Antony’s College. I love Oxford’s commitment to multidisciplinary area studies and to a deeper understanding of the economic, political and social challenges in different parts of the developing world. It is a pleasure to work with colleagues who share the same enthusiasm both in my two departments.

I am a rare economist whose research is mainly based on qualitative comparative case studies. I am interested in how developing countries can promote economic upgrading and better income (re)distribution and believe that this depends as much on the right policies than on the right political coalitions and institutions. My research on globalization, industrial policy and social policy has been published in different international journals including World Development, the Journal of Latin American Studies, Economy and Society and Latin American Research Review. I have also co-edited four books and co-authored a monograph with Juliana Martínez Franzoni. I do periodic consultancies on some of these issues for UNDP, ILO, Oxford Analytica and other organizations.

My current research focuses on the political economy of income redistribution in the South. In recent years, I have collaborated closely with my colleague and friend Juliana Martinez Franzoni from the University of Costa Rica on a project that aims to understand the economic and political determinants of universal social policies. In a forthcoming book published by Cambridge University Press, we show that there are different ways to provide similar, high-quality social services for the whole population and highlight the role of what we call policy architectures. We have already published several peer-reviewed papers and some policy briefs on the subject. Our previous book Good Jobs and Social Services: How Costa Rica Achieved the Elusive Double Incorporation explores Costa Rica’s success in incorporating people to the labour market with goods jobs while simultaneously providing social services. My ultimate goal is to promote social change through both teaching and policy-relevant research. I am also enthusiastic about advancing multidisciplinary studies, something which I can partly do as co-editor of the Journal of Latin American Studies and associate editor of Development Policy Review.

I spend most of my spare time with my wife Rosa and my daughters Silvia (who cannot understand why I am always in front of a computer) and Maya. I would love to play more basketball and tennis, but end up spending more time reading spy and police books and thinking and discussing politics.


Contact Information

Email: diego.sanchez-ancochea@sant.ox.ac.uk

Telephone: +44 (0)1865 284775