Dr Ceren Lord

Postdoctoral Research Officer in Middle East Studies

Ceren completed her PhD in May 2015 at the London School of Economics, Government Department, focusing on the role of the state and the ulema, in the rise of political Islam in Turkey. She holds a master’s degree from Oxford University (St Antony’s College) in Modern Middle Eastern Studies. Alongside her academic career, Ceren previously worked in finance as an economist focusing on Turkey, the Middle East and Eurozone. She is a regular contributor to the Economist Intelligence Unit, Associate Editor at the British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies and the lead editor for the British Institute at Ankara Contemporary Turkey series published in collaboration with I.B. Tauris. Her research interests include religio-political movements; secularism and state-religion relations; he role of the ulema and changing nature of Islamic authority; comparative democratisation and the dynamics of authoritarian persistence; sectarianism and ethno-religious mobilisation in Turkey and the Middle East. Ceren’s current research on Alevis in Turkey is funded by the Sasakawa Peace Foundation. 

Contact Information

Tel: 01865 (6)12861

Email: ceren.lord@area.ox.ac.uk