Dr Anna Pleshakova

REES Head of Language Studies and Teaching Fellow

I am engaged in research in the fields of cognitive linguistics, cognitive poetics, critical discourse studies, multimodal communication studies and cultural studies, especially on multimodal analysis and conceptual integration/blending analysis of Russian media discourse. My interests range from meaning construction in (multimodal)  discourse, analysis of metaphor, counter-factuality, viewpoint and meta-parody in media discourse to the use of cognitive linguistics methods  in interdisciplinary research and interdisciplinary learning in social sciences and humanities.

Research and Networking Projects

On-going: Human Communication Beyond Words: Russian Media 

2015: Slavic Cognitive Linguistics Conference 2015:"Crossing boundaries: taking a cognitive scientific perspective on Slavic languages and linguistics"

2013: Languages, Media and Politics: Cognitive Linguistic Methods in Discourse Analysis

2011: Cognitive Linguistic Methods in Cultural Analysis: Interdisciplinary Perspective


I have been engaged in teaching (cognitive) linguistics, language, culture and literature since 1994. I am currently teaching Russian language at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. My recent teaching related projects include:

• 2016: TDEP (University of Oxford) award for the project: 'Research Methods for Multimodal Communication and Discourse Analyses (January-July 2017) (£10,000)

• 2012: “Reading, Comprehension and Translation Strategies for Advanced Learners of Russian: Working with Media for Research Purposes”, funded by CEELBAS language/linguistic project grant (£14000).

• 2012: “Expansion of REES Language Training: East European Languages”, funded by CEELBAS language/linguistic project grant (£5000).

• 2009: “Productive Language for Fieldwork Training: Russian”, funded by CEELBAS language/linguistic project grant (£5000).

• 2009: “Applying Innovative Methods and Techniques to Teaching Russian at REES: A Cognitive View”, funded by CEELBAS language/linguistic project grant (£5000).

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