Dr Anna Pleshakova

REES Head of Language Studies and Teaching Fellow

I am engaged in research in the fields of cognitive linguistics, cognitive poetics, critical discourse studies, multimodal communication studies and cultural studies, especially on multimodal analysis and conceptual integration/blending analysis of Russian media discourse. My interests range from meaning construction in (multimodal)  discourse, analysis of metaphor, counter-factuality, viewpoint and meta-parody in media discourse to the use of cognitive linguistics methods  in interdisciplinary research and interdisciplinary learning in social sciences and humanities.

Research and Networking Projects

2015: Russian media: multimodal analysis

2015: Working in collaboration with Dr Renata Geld, Prof Mark Turner, Prof Francis Steen, and other leading researchers from more than 15 countries, we submitted the COST Action Proposal "Integrating cognitive and computational approaches to multimodal communication" in September 2015.

2015: Slavic Cognitive Linguistics Conference 2015:"Crossing boundaries: taking a cognitive scientific perspective on Slavic languages and linguistics"

2013: Languages, Media and Politics: Cognitive Linguistic Methods in Discourse Analysis

2011: Cognitive Linguistic Methods in Cultural Analysis: Interdisciplinary Perspective


I have been engaged in teaching (cognitive) linguistics, language, culture and literature since 1994. I am currently teaching Russian language at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. My recent teaching related projects include:

• 2016: TDEP (University of Oxford) award for the project: 'Research Methods for Multimodal Communication and Discourse Analyses (January-July 2017) (£10,000)

• 2012: “Reading, Comprehension and Translation Strategies for Advanced Learners of Russian: Working with Media for Research Purposes”, funded by CEELBAS language/linguistic project grant (£14000).

• 2012: “Expansion of REES Language Training: East European Languages”, funded by CEELBAS language/linguistic project grant (£5000).

• 2009: “Productive Language for Fieldwork Training: Russian”, funded by CEELBAS language/linguistic project grant (£5000).

• 2009: “Applying Innovative Methods and Techniques to Teaching Russian at REES: A Cognitive View”, funded by CEELBAS language/linguistic project grant (£5000).

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