Dr Agnieszka Kubal

Departmental Lecturer in REES

Agnieszka Kubal joins REES as part-time Departmental Lecturer from the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies (CSLS) at University of Oxford, where she will continue holding a research post. She was educated in Krakow, Exeter and Oxford with a postdoctoral spell at Harvard, and has an extensive list of publications on topics relevant to the teaching she will be undertaking at REES.

Agnieszka’s research has always focussed on different dimensions of migration, law and society in Central and Eastern Europe, and recently also Russia. Her DPhil at CSLS (Wolfson College) studied the everyday life experiences of the free movement governance in the enlarged European Union using the case study of Polish immigrants in the UK; it was published as a monograph in 2012 with Ashgate/Routledge. Agnieszka then joined a team project at the International Migration Institute which allowed her to deepen her expertise on migration, law and politics from Eastern Europe (Ukraine). In her current British Academy post-doctoral project Agnieszka works on Russia, the third largest destination for migrants globally. She compares new ethnographic data she collected in Russian courts, legal aid clinics for migrants and NGOs with data collected earlier from European countries, questioning whether what happens to migrants and refugees in Russia is as much in contrast with the experiences of immigrants in Europe as many observes would tend to assume.

Agnieszka’s work on undocumented Syrian refugees in Russia together with her participation in their case before the European Court of Human Rights resulted in a court decision LM and Others v Russia (2016) and a real impact beyond academia: establishing standards of protection of Syrians against deportation in all European countries. 

Dr Kubal is currently working on two book projects with Cambridge University Press: a monograph from her Russian migration research entitled Immigration and Refugee Law in Russia: Socio-legal and Comparative Perspectives, and a volume co-edited with Marina Kurkchiyan on Sociology of Justice in Russia.



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