BSP Workshop on The Brazilian Political Class: Ideology, Values, and Policy Preferences

On 31st January 2014, with the generous support of Santander Universities UK, the Brazilian Studies Programme hosted a day-long workshop on “The Brazilian Political Class: Ideology, Values, and Policy Preferences.” Papers explored data collected in a summer 2013 survey of the Brazilian Congress conducted by Timothy Power (BSP) and Cesar Zucco Jr. (FGV Rio de Janeiro). The field research was financed by the John Fell OUP Research Fund of the University of Oxford. Foreground: Taylor Boas (Boston University) and Amy Erica Smith (Iowa State University), co-authors of a paper on "Speaking for the Flock: Evangelicalism, Descriptive Representation, and Opinion Congruence in Brazil.” Their new research shows that Pentecostal voters have achieved better descriptive representation in the Brazilian legislature than have either women or Afro-Brazilians.